Rabat – UAE Ambassador to Morocco Al Asri Aldhaheri said his country aspires to “exemplary and fulfilling relations” with Morocco.

Aldhaheri made his remarks during a statement to the press on the 49th anniversary of the UAE National Day on December 2.

He said that UAE looks to the future with optimism and aspires to boost its relations with Morocco in accordance with the expectations of the “wise leadership” of the two countries.

The official hopes the cooperation between the two countries will be rich in achievements in economics and investments.

UAE President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyane and Morocco’s King Mohammed VI will “continue the march of development and edification with determination and consistency,” the ambassador said.

The diplomat also recalled the solid ties that resulted in his country’s decision to open a consulate general in the city of Laayoune, in southern Morocco.

“This decision confirms the firm and unwavering position of the United Arab Emirates in support of the just causes of the Kingdom of Morocco,” the Emirati ambassador said.

Aldhaheri also said that his country is “very proud of the pioneering reforms” by King Mohammed VI.

Morocco and the UAE consider their diplomatic relations historic.

King Mohammed VI extolled cooperation with the Gulf country during the announcement regarding the UAE’s decision to open a consulate in Laayoune.

The monarch described the announcement as historic, reflecting the UAE’s support for Morocco’s territorial integrity.

The UAE was also among the first Arab countries who issued statements to condemn Polisario’s recent maneuvers in Guerguerat.

The Emirates also supported Morocco’s action to secure the region after Polisario supporters had blocked the Moroccan-Mauritanian crossing point for three weeks, since October 21.

The blockade trapped truck drivers carrying goods for traffic and also hindered movement for civilians seeking to cross through the area to reach their destinations.

On November 13, Morocco sent Royal Armed Forces personnel to secure the region against Polisario’s provocations.

For the UAE, Polisario’s “desperate and unacceptable” actions in Guerguerat constitute a “flagrant violation of the concluded agreements and a great threat to the security and stability of the region.”

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