Looming particularly large was a comprehensive research study, presented by NuVoodoo, that showed country’s most dedicated listeners who consume music do so more frequently online than on traditional radios.

Also troubling for the medium is the way fans are exposed to new music: 1 out of 4 listeners hears songs for the first time via radio broadcasts, a larger number than any other single source, though when the individual digital platforms — Amazon Music, YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify and Pandora — are combined, they account for 60% of first-time exposure, more than double terrestrial’s turf. The difference is even more pronounced among adults aged 18-24, who will be among country’s core listeners in the next decade.

“That hurt our heart a little bit,” said KNCI Sacramento, Calif., PD Joey Tack, “but if we don’t hear that, how are we going to adapt?”

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