The death toll increased by 443, to a total of 68,079, although most of the newly-registered deaths occurred in the previous days, the data showed. The daily death toll has been in decline for the past month. With a third wave quickly receding and the vaccination campaign in full swing, several regions have relaxed restrictions such as night-time curfews in the past couple of weeks.

Organ transplant patient dies after receiving lungs infected with COVID-19

Doctors say a woman in Michigan contracted COVID-19 and died last fall two months after receiving a tainted double-lung transplant from a donor who turned out to harbour the virus that causes the disease – despite showing no signs of illness and initially testing negative.

The incident appears to be isolated – the only confirmed case among nearly 40,000 transplants in 2020. But it has led to calls for more thorough testing of lung transplant donors, with samples taken from deep within the donor’s lungs as well as the nose and throat, said Dr Daniel Kaul, director of Michigan Medicine’s transplant infectious disease service.

Philippines offers nurses in exchange for vaccines from Britain, Germany

The Philippines will let thousands of its healthcare workers, mostly nurses, take up jobs in Britain and Germany if the two countries agree to donate much-needed coronavirus vaccines, a senior official said. The Philippines, which has among Asia’s highest number of coronavirus cases, has relaxed a ban on deploying its healthcare workers overseas, but still limits the number of medical professionals leaving the country to 5000 a year.

Greek doctors protest ‘suffocating’ conditions at COVID-19 clinics

Greek hospital doctors went on a day-long strike on Tuesday and dozens marched in Athens to protest “suffocating” conditions at hospitals on the frontline of the coronavirus pandemic. With around 6000 deaths, Greece has fared better than much of Europe in containing the pandemic and prevented its health service, battered by years of financial crisis, from collapsing.

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