Silver jewellery will naturally tarnish over time, but you can improve its lifespan by taking good care of it, including regular cleaning. Many cleaning solutions can prove too abrasive for jewellery but if you use the tricks and tips below you should be well on your way to perfectly sparkling silver jewellery.

How to clean silver jewellery at home

Designated silver polish

There are many products which are purpose-built to help clean and polish silver.

Follow the instructions on the silver polish, but generally, the steps will advise you to put a small amount of silver polish on a clean cloth, dampened if necessary.

Rub the polish on your jewellery in an up and down motion, and make sure to avoid a circular motion as it can highlight fine scratches.

Turn the cloth frequently as you work and so the tarnish is not deposited back onto the jewellery.

Rinse the item in warm water and then buff it with a clean and dry cloth to make it shine.

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Toothpaste is something used every day, but it can also be used on your silver jewellery.

Squeeze a small amount of non-gel and non-abrasive toothpaste onto a soft cloth or paper handkerchief.

Rub it onto the silver jewellery in a circular motion to polish the items.

Leave the toothpaste on it for five minutes and then rinse off the toothpaste with water.

White distilled vinegar and baking soda

You can use vinegar and baking soda to clean your silver items but should avoid this technique with ancient silver items.

Place the silver jewellery in a bowl and cover them with white distilled vinegar and then add approximately four tablespoons of baking soda for every cup of vinegar to the bowl.

Leave the silver in the mixture for an hour, then rinse it with clean water and dry well with a soft cotton cloth.

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