Cancer season horoscope: When does Cancer season start?


People born under the sign of Cancer are looking forward to their birthdays. Gemini season brought more socialising, parties, chatting and activities and it’s not over yet. Cancer season is just on the horizon and you’re in for a treat. When does Cancer season start?

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac, following Aries, Taurus and Gemini.

This sign is typically known for being sensitive, a great friend and someone who loves to chill out at home with their loved ones.

Like the crab, they have a tough exterior but a soft inside.

The star sign seasons typically project the themes of the sign onto the world, but Cancer season isn’t just going to be based at home with friends and family.

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Cancerians are very emotional and sensitive and sometimes the world is too cruel for this loving sign.

Don’t be surprised if you, regardless of your star sign, feel like retreating for a month and looking after yourself in private.

You may decide to create distance between yourself and others who aren’t treating you right, meditate, take lots of long walks or baths, and start a new TV show.

A cuddle at home will probably sound more appealing to you than hitting up your local pub.

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